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100ml NZVAPOR Kiwi Az E-liquid(30PG/70VG)

100ml NZVAPOR Kiwi Az E-liquid(30PG/70VG)
100ml NZVAPOR Kiwi Az E-liquid(30PG/70VG)
Kiwi Az e-liquids - made right here in Aotearoa!
Made with nic salts for a super smooth vape.

Flavor List:

Kiwi Az - CHURR
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Straight up APPLES, baked in a PIE - Churr farr wicked!

Kiwi Az - KUZZIE
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - What! A BANANA and TOFFEE PIE vape!
Up to Kuzzie - gotta try some of this yo, it's wicked!

Kiwi Az - MEAN AZ
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Not just your average VANILLA, we havve made ours fully MEAN AS!

Kiwi Az - TU-MEKE
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Started with some BERRIES then we added some LYCHEE and far out… Came out TU-MEKE!
Kiwi Az - YEAH NAH
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - At first it's like yeah its PEACHY, but then its like nah its CREAMY as!

0mg - Nicotine free: Nicotine free Less throat hit than a nicotine based e-liquid.
3mg - Regular:Smooth throat hit. Medium strength
6mg - Heavy:Full throat hit. Full strength.

Note - The KIWI AZ e-liquid range is designed for use in sub ohm devices. To avoid dry burning please ensure your vape device is capable of wicking a thick e-liquid.

Made in NZ's highest qualified e-liquid laboratory
Production lab ISO accredited to GRADE 5 (pharmaceutical) level
Produced under the supervision of sterile techniques
Wholly owned production facility

100% organic, palm free VG
99.9% pharmaceutical grade PG (best possible)
100% pure American nicotine
100% dactyl free flavours
Nicotine salted by us (100% control)

Made to feel like a cigarette
Medium cloud, maximum flavour, full throat hit
Designed for use in pod & pen style vape devices using 'MTL' puff technique

Vaping is around 80% to 90% cheaper than smoking
Up to 30 packs of cigarettes worth of puffs in each bottle
Each bottle lasts a pack a day smoker up to a month

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