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100ml NZVAPOR Vape Juice E-liquid(30PG/70VG)

100ml NZVAPOR Vape Juice E-liquid(30PG/70VG)
100ml NZVAPOR Vape Juice E-liquid(30PG/70VG)
High VG e-liquids are designed to make massive, tasty clouds
The VAPEJUICE e-liquid range is made for use in sub ohm devices
. To avoid dry burning please ensure your e-cigarette rig is capable of wicking a thick e-liquid.

Flavor List:

Chillberry Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Frozen raspberry and cotton candy.
Sweet and freezy on the inhale and berrylicious on the exhale.
Chillberry is so good it will be your next all day vape. Chill out sukka!

Chuddy Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Face it, you're too old to blow bubbles with gum now - It looks weird.
So why not keep the flavour you love and blow clouds instead? Call the baby Mama or the baby Papa and vape out ya face like a CHUDDY lover!

Disco Dust Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Dark berries, spiked with cranberry and laced with sherbet.
This e-liquid will get your taste buds buzzing.
Charge your senses with a bit of oral euphoria, otherwise known as Disco Dust. Available for special gigs, parties and just kickin it massive.

Drei Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG 100ml - A blue raspberry slushy and frozen dragonfruit cocktail.
The perfect mix of sweet and cold that will leave you wanting more. There's a party in your mouth and Drei is invited!

Full Custardy Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Creamy custard, coconut and sweet vanilla.
You have been sentenced to take ownership of this vape, for the full duration of it's contents. It's time you were held accountable for your actions, so vape it up and ENJOY!

Holy Cannoli Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Smooth, creamy ricotta, with a light undertone of sweet, fried pastry.
Vape all day on one of the most loved Italian deserts in the world. Holy Cannoli - A Sicilian cuisine dream! Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Huck Skuxx Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - A sweet mix of strawberry energy drink.
There was a young brother named Hucks, who was known as the skuxxest of skuxx. He took flavour of energy, mixed in some strawberry, and now all we vape is HUCK SKUXX!

My Sweet Missy Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Sweet strawberry and vanilla ice-cream.
Help yourself to a date with My Sweet Missy, take her out and treat her right. Better keep the number though, because the perfect mix of sweet strawberry and vanilla ice-cream will keep you coming back for more.

Still Hangin Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - A distinct Virginia sweet tobacco e-liquid flavour.
If you can't let it go cos you love your tobacco, here is a flavour that could help you say no. The Virginia Sweet flavour ain't nothin but bangin', designed in mind for the peeps who STILL HANGIN

Vegasm Vapejuice E-liquid
VG70 / 30PG - 100ml - Rich, creamy, blueberry cheesecake.
Poor little vegans, the selfless movement in animal welfare means many treats are not allowed. Lucky Vegasm has all the delicious flavours of rich blueberry cheesecake, without the dairy! No animals were harmed in the making of this e-liquid.


0mg - Nicotine free:Nicotine free Less throat hit than a nicotine based e-liquid.
3mg - Regular:Smooth throat hit. Medium strength.

6mg - Heavy:Full throat hit. Full strength.

Nicotine Strength:0mg/3mg/6mg

Made in NZ's highest qualified e-liquid laboratory
Production lab ISO accredited to GRADE 5 (pharmaceutical) level
Produced under the supervision of sterile techniques
Wholly owned production facility

100% organic, palm free VG
99.9% pharmaceutical grade PG (best possible)
100% pure American nicotine
100% dactyl free flavours
Nicotine salted by us (100% control)

Made to feel like a cigarette
Medium cloud, maximum flavour, full throat hit
Designed for use in pod & pen style vape devices using 'MTL' puff technique

Vaping is around 80% to 90% cheaper than smoking
Up to 30 packs of cigarettes worth of puffs in each bottle
Each bottle lasts a pack a day smoker up to a month

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